A little story about our arrangement of

Little Jesus, in Your Manger:

We had started working on getting the CD project ready for legal re release, sometime in the first of November, 2016. We knew dad might not be around long. He had been suffering from Alzheimer disease for a couple years, but it had not yet reach real severe levels. But he also had congestive heart disease, that due to the Alzheimer's, we had decided not to treat. Then toward the end of November, his condition started going down hill fast, and he required more attention, so the CD project had to be put onto the back burner, while more effort went into care for dad.

During the last couple weeks of his life, mostly while I was staying up with dad during several all night shifts, I worked on taking the midi data I had recorded of Dad playing this song, back in 2005, and set it up to play my newly acquired 1913 Vienna Konzerthaus Organ computerized samples. (I had hoped the organ, would bring his mind back a bit.) As I worked on this, I remember the times dad had taken me, as a child, to hear some big pipe organs, that he so love. These organs only have one volume on most of their stops, and when the big ones are played, it shakes the entire builds they are in. Seeing dad struggle through his last days, listening to this song, in my head phones, over and over, as I was re editing things to make it sound better, focused my mind on the great importance of, with God's help, doing what God wants us to do, and seeing “the beauty,” of “the way He showed us how, so long ago.” There is a type of emotional emphasis that the sound of these great organs can help to release, that has few rivals. As I saw dad struggling more and more, for each breath, especially at the end, drowning in his own bodily fluids, with nothing we could do to stop it. The sounds of the great organ, especially hitting those sounds that seem to fight a bit, but then come back together, toward the end of the piece, seemed to help emphasize the great struggle, and the importance of turning fully to God, so as to be prepared for the great final crisis that is about to brake upon the entire earth (Daniel 12:1).

Lord help us to seek you with all our hearts (Deu 6:5, Isa 55, 2 Peter 1[“giving all diligence” V. 5],) that we may be saved, and help save others. Lord help us to have the emphasis of our lives, focused onto things that matter for eternity. Lord, send us the Power of Your Holy Spirit, as the sound of a mighty rushing wind, in whatever way you can and see fit, so that we will be prepared to meet you, and be able to help prepare others to meet you as well.

I know that others disagree with me on this, but this one, in order to really be done justice, needs really big speakers, and higher sampling rates than mp3 can provide, to really, clearly, shake the entire building. You really can only get just a little glimpse of the feelings expressed, and to be released, with the small speaker in the small devices. As you listen to this, please think of the organs that shake the entire buildings, when they play, and what it must have been like in Acts 4:31, when the place was shaken. Shaken by that might rushing wind, Acts 2:2, and think of the great importance of connecting with God in such a way as to be enabled to stand for Him to the end, while the heavens and the earth are being shaken, by the voice of God (Mark 13:25, Heb 12:26-29). I want to encourage you to take advantage, of the resources I put together for you on this site, to help you be ready for the Lords return.

Dave Babcock, 1 year to the day from dad's passing.

This last part mostly written,

December 17, 2017

If you didn't notice it yet, check out this page, that the Bible at the top of this page links to. Hopefully, the rest of the other links will be activated before long.

Christmas Song

From My


By Doug and Diane Babcock

Revised for the 2017 Christmas Season.

This is a quickly built page,

to give you some of the songs,

from Doug and Diane Babcock's

Christmas CD entitled:

Christmas Song From My Heart.”

Sorry this page is not better than it is. I haven't had time to make it

good for both computers, and phones, so this is the next

best thing I could quickly come up with. With phones turned on their

sides, hopefully it will be at least functional. Some things are better on computers.

We have to pay copyright royalties on 3 of these songs,

so because of the type of licenses we purchased,

those ones are only samples when clicked on below,

unless you download the zipped up folder. This is for royalty tracking.

You can hear all the entire songs from in the zipped up folder,

when it is permanently in your computer or device. All sound

better, downloaded, than they do streaming, on our devices.

The other songs listed below, can now be play in their entirety,

by clicking the links to them below, from the Play 6 Songs link,

or from within the download zip file. If you know

of others who might be interested in listening to these,

please share the link to this page,

and not the files. The short link for texting is:


For some reason, the link gets broken by some devices, when texting it.

Having text after the link, on the same line, seems to help resolve the problem so far.


Play 6 Songs

This plays 6 of the songs on this page, that are combined into

one file, for easily listening to them without downloading. 3 are still only complete in

the download. I am still improving things, check back in a bit -- it might be better.

The Songs we have available

for you at this time are:

Oh Holy Night

Adolphe Adam Translated by John Sullivan probably 1855

Play - Oh Holy Night

Away In A Manger

Martin Luther

Play Away In a Manger

Birthday of a King

W.H. Neidlinger probably written between 1890-1918

Play Birthday of a King

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Henry W. Longfellow 1863, Tune John Marks 1956

Used by permission from St. Nicholas Music Inc.

Play the Sample of – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

Download the Zip Folder to hear the complete song.

Why Isn't Everybody Singing Allelu?

Howard D. Gamble

Used by permission from Interpublication Inc.

A/C Edify Publications.

Play the Sample of – Why Isn't Everybody Singing Allelu?

Some folk mentioned they wanted me to sing some with her.

I put a version here, that I sing harmony on.

Download the Zip Folder to hear the complete song.

Little Jesus, In Your Manger

David Ouchterlony 1954

Used by permission from G. Schimer, Inc.

Music Sale Corporation.

Play the Sample of - Little Jesus, In Your Manger

Download the Zip Folder to hear the complete song.

This song now unexpectedly takes a special place in my life,

as I was working on setting up dad's midi data,

to play my computerized sampled 1913 Reiger Pipe Organ,

while he was dying. (See more of this story below.)

The Reiger Pipe Organ is from the Vienna Symphonic Library.

To comply with their requirements this statement is added:

Orchestral samples included in this recording from

the Vienna Symphonic Library”

Linked Here

Silent Night

Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber 1818

Play - Silent Night

Still, Still, Still

Author unknown, Some words added by LouAnne Stracken

Play - Still, Still, Still

There's a Song in the Air

Josiah G. Holland 1874, Karl P. Harrington 1904

Play – There's a Song in the Air

All the songs above are in a zipped up folder.

You can download it for free from here.

You have to then unzip the files,

and put them into your

music folder on your computer, or device.

The type of copyright license

that we have, on some of the songs,

is for doing it this way.

On my Android device, I use the ES File Explorer to unzip these files.

I use this older version, and am not sure about the newer one.

It works pretty good, if you don't have an app that will do this already.

Other apps at the Play Store should do this as well, but be careful.

We had some trouble with one on mom's device. I still don't know why.

Thank you very much.

Merry Christmas

David Babcock


In addition to several songs not included

here for the Christmas CD, we also have

several other CDs recorded that are currently

unavailable. Do to various factors, including

my neck injury, I am not currently in a

position to put time into getting these

under production again, unless there is

enough support, or enough interest

in purchases for CDs, if and when they

are produced again. Let us know, if you

want CDs. If enough requests are made

I may put a higher priority on getting

them under production again.

Or if you like receiving them this way,

if enough support comes in, I may prioritize

getting the others set up this way as well.


email: Dbabcock07@hotmail.com

Copyright David Babcock 2005, 2016, 2017

A further story about this project:

We had hoped to have the CD ready for sale,

before the 2016 Christmas season got under way,

but as my father, Doug Babcock,

became very ill and died December 17, 2016,

the project had to be put on hold.

I didn't have time to finish all the details for

the copyright licensing, for all the songs

on the CD. So one day, Lord willing,

and if there is enough interest,

we will get the rest of them ready as well.