This project, is for a device to help control swelling, that often occurs, after an injury. This device enables cold treatments, for long periods of time, and alternation of hot and cold as needed to move the contaminates caused by the injury, out of the injured area. I believe that many people die, and or are permanently paralyzed, simply because standard medical practices do not take advantage of treatments as they should, that can treat injuries with cold, externally. The advantages, in a nut shell, of these devices, is that they can apply cold, for long periods of time, and then also quickly alternate hot and cold as needed, for the most effective treatment, even when the patient can not get into a shower, or bath tub. The ergonomic shape, to provide contouring support, in addition to the ability to do temperature treatments, from the same devices, sets this apart from other similar devices of this type. I personally, have used this device I made for a long time. It helped me recover from several severe injuries that would likely have killed me, or left me permanently paralyzed, if I had not had it.

Unfortunately, this project is still mostly on the back burner as of 12/20/2017

I hope to get back to it one of these days, Lord willing.

I have a new design that will be easier to manufacture now, one that will hopefully be easier to custom fit as needed.

I have most of the tools and software to do the job. But it takes quite a bit of

time to work all the details out. So for right now it is still mostly just sitting and waiting, aside from improving the current model slightly, to help deal with my current re injury.

The Current Device that I use often,

Especially after re injuries.

More Details:

The MADOICAT, RSP devices are portable devices of coiled copper tubing and copper sheet metal construction that are ergonomically designed to provide a combination of beneficial practices into one more effective method, and devices for inflammation control, injury immobilization and therapy. The combination of copper in contact with the skin, or covered with a very thin membrane for those who prefer, the ability to perform cold and hot treatments in rapid succession, or steady cold treatments for an extended period of time, and the ability to provide adjustable ergonomic support, all provide an improve method and devices for the treatment of injuries, aches, and pains. While not currently shown above, tests have also been done with a device for the treatment of the arm and hand. Among other things, the copper helps to evenly distribute the thermal energy, and more quickly changes temperature than other materials do. Changing temperatures quickly can be beneficial for facilitating removal of toxins, when continuous cold treatments are indicated, by only momentarily interrupted cold with short blasts of hot, then rapidly returning to cold to help keep inflammation from getting out of hand.

I really had hoped to have this project much further along by now. At this time the automated temperature system still needs to be put together to pull this off most effectively. It should be easy to do, but I just haven't been able to focus my resources toward it yet. Attaining Intellectual Property Rights to this was done more to make it easier to call people's attention to the concepts of this project, and to create value in it that could make it more likely to happen, than it was to try to make lots and lots of money with it to keep all to myself. In order to bring it to the place that I ultimately would like to see it reach, it will take the collaborated efforts of a number of people. I do have a fair bit invested in this, unfortunately I have been spread so thin in several different ways such that I haven't been able to dedicate the necessary time and resources to it just yet.

The current models that have been made are hand made, and are costly to produce, but have been tested and used on people. I personally use mine regularly. I am hoping before long to work on tooling dies to make it easier to produce them quickly. But if someone comes along who recognizes the advantages, wants to become involved, and has the right deal and concepts in mind, I am willing to consider various options to try to make this available to more people, more quickly. However, I am not interested in a deal with someone who is only interested in just the marketing aspect alone, and who is wanting me to invest a lot with them to try to make it go. One of these days, hopefully before to long, some of us who know the various parts of what is necessary to make this project benefit as many people as possible, need to get together and discuss various options. If you are such an individual, and are interested being involved in some aspect of this project, or the entire project its self, feel free to contact me.

Hopefully before long, I can get back to putting up more details of the currently preferred embodiments. For use especially on the necks of patients with traumatic injury, a model with folding sides seems most ideal, easiest to create, and probably most attractive if designed according to current considerations. I have plans brewing that could make that possible, and that could overcome some, if not all, of the obstacles that are known to exists that those in the medical profession may or may not recognize on first consideration. I personally think that we all need to take a much closer look at how we are actually treating these injuries. Which procedures are we suppose to focus on first, ALS, or BLS? (Advanced Life Support, or Basic Life Support)

If we haven't even carefully considered all the BLS options yet, why are we focusing so much on ALS?

I personally had a very sever neck injury back in 1995, and was wishing the whole time I had something like this, because knew that too many people I knew had passed away because of their doctor's inability to control these issues. Then again a few years later, after I had mostly recovered, I had a fairly sever re injury from a car accident. Utilizing some of these concepts helped make it possible for me to still be functional today. I am convinced that if I had had this to start with, I would be even much better off today. If they were still around today at all, most people that have been through what I've been through wouldn't be able to function at all. I believe that the good Lord made it possible for me to make it through all that to help others make it through as well, and so that He could use me to direct others toward Him. Life on this earth simply will not last forever. In the end, our connection with the Lord will be the only thing that matters. Don't forget to get carried away, When, by the mercy, grace, and power of Christ alone, We Get Carried Away!!!

Background information taken from the patent.

Operation section Link will be here before long.

Hopefully before long, I will get back to adding a picture gallery of the tests performed so far in build various test models.

I am not sure if this link remains active over time, but here is one you can look at if you're wanting more information before I get this part of the site put together.

US Patent 6740110

MADOICAT Patent Link

The M.A.D.O.I.C.A.T., R.S.P.

(Method And Devices Of Inflammation Control And Therapy,

Relief System Project)

Combating inflammation, it really hits the spot.

It's not rocket science, ... ______________________________ _________ _____... It's just BLS. TM

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